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About This Award

Solutions that improve business decision making by increasing the accuracy or speed of business insights, and by delivering measurable improvements in revenue, organizational performance and/or productivity. Entries may describe analytic solutions that are based on customer data, operational data, and/or financial data, and/or deliver actionable insights based on multiple data sources, hybrid platforms, applications or tools, or on multiple types of data.

2017 Winner:

China CITIC Bank

Project:  Big Data-Driven Retail Banking Marketing Service


CITIC Bank’s Big Data Retail Banking Marketing Solution is a very innovative approach to transforming their banking business. It leverages data, analytics and big data tools and technology. Cross functional teams worked closely to develop the business strategy, the analytical requirements, develop the big data solution and execute plans based on the analytical outcomes. The big data-driven retail banking marketing service solution is based big data technology and analytics. Customer management is the primary focus of CITIC Bank’s business strategy including customer journey, customer life-cycle and other related customer management activities. Key activities included enhancing the customer experience, promote product innovation, implement process optimization and improve investment advice.

• Business net income grow 33% (Two-year compound)
• Net profit contribution grow 75%(Two-year compound)
• In 2017, Retail banking contribution accounted for 7% higher than the same period last year.


Bayer Animal Health

Project: Global Marketing Analytics and Insights for Animal Health

China Mobile Group Zhejiang Co., Ltd.

Project: Position Location Radar System (PLRS)

N Brown Group & Celebrus Technologies

Project: Optimizing ROI on Paper-based Marketing & Increasing Contribution with Advanced Analytics at N Brown Group